7 Of The Weirdest Ways KFC Made You Crave A Crispy Piece Of Chicken

7 Of The Weirdest Ways KFC Made You Crave A Crispy Piece Of Chicken
KFC via Youtube

Everybody loves KFC, right? You'd think they would need to put another ad on TV, but the company works very hard to get their chicken message out there.

This goes way beyond radio ads and billboards. The Colonel goes to great lengths to get more people hooked on their crispy chicken.

So, grab a 10-piece bucket and take a look at some of the weirdest ways KFC tried to make you buy their chicken.

1. Flavored Nail Polish

KFC took "Finger Lickin' Good" to a whole new level when they introduced a flavored nail polish. In original and spicy flavors, you can enjoy the taste of KFC way after the bucket is gone. We're not sure how these chicken nails would taste, but it is an original idea.

2. KFC "Memory Bucket" Photo Printer

Do you ever think "Boy, I love this chicken, but I also wish I could print out a photo right now. Well, I can't put this bucket down so it'll never happen." In the off chance you did have that very specific thought, KFC answered your prayers and made a chicken bucket that was also a bluetooth enabled photo printer. Why do we need this? Who knows.

3. KFC Sunscreen

Don't let the name fool you, this sunscreen will prevent you from getting extra crispy. If you'd like to smell just like fried chicken while you fry in the sun, then this is the perfect thing for you. We may not love the idea of smelling like chicken all day, but just the thought of that smell makes us want to make a trip to their drive thru.

4. KFC Candle

If wearing fried chicken on your skin isn't enough, you can have your whole house smell like KFC. This scented candle makes you feel like you're right in the store. It's a genius marketing move cause smelling that without eating any fried chicken would get anybodies cravings going.

5. KFC Country Album

KFC Country Album

KFC just changed Colonels again to Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell from Mad Men) and got Fred Armisen (SNL,Portlandia) to cut an album to celebrate their new Nashville Hot Chicken. KFC's already got you hooked on their taste, scents, and even the crispy feel of the chicken, now there'll be a KFC song to get stuck in your head! They're really going after the 5 senses with their advertising.

6. KFC Edible Cups

In the UK, KFC really wanted you to enjoy every bit of their products. They started offering edible coffee cups made of a form of white chocolate. Sounds pretty good, though you might get a couple of weird looks when you take a bite of your coffee.

7. KFC Charging Box

For awhile, KFC gave their take out boxes a USB charger, so you could keep your phone battery as full as your belly. Sadly, they didn't work too well, but who would have thought that KFC would be pioneering food/box technology.

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