Hair Dye Horror: These Fails Might Make You Think Twice Before Changing Your Color

Hair Dye Horror: These Fails Might Make You Think Twice Before Changing Your Color

It's fun to change up your look and try out a new color. But if you're not careful, your hair might end up like an experiment gone wrong. Doing it yourself can cause a huge mess and not all salons are up with the latest in hair color trends.

Lots of people have had bad dye jobs, but some of these are just brutal. 

So before you ask for a daring new blue hue or a  balayage look, make sure your person knows what they're doing so your hair doesn't wind up a two-toned nightmare.

1. Not Quite a Match

Especially if you're going lighter, don't trust the box. The box is full of lies.

2. Mustache Mistake

Mustache Mistake

This dude had one of those flesh colored blonde beards, so he thought he'd try letting his girlfriend dye it. Turns out dying your goatee can go terribly wrong.

3. Dye! Dye! Dye!

It's not just your hair that can suffer from a bad dye job. Your whole body could end up matching your hair by the time you're done.

4. Didn't Quite Blend

We're not sure what she was going for, but the girl in the photo was not pleased with the results. On the good side, she could go as Harley Quinn's cousin for Halloween.

5. Dip Job, More Like S*** Job

Dip Job, More Like S*** Job

This poor girl went to a salon for this! She went to get a dip dye and came out with this mess. This is a shame. That salon should be punished.

6. A Blue Bloody Mess

It looks like Cookie Monster got murdered in here! If that much dye is leaving your hair, what does the actual hair look like?

7. Not Green! Why is it Always Green?

Oh the gross green hair! Whether it's from swimming when you just went blonde, to a blue going toxic, this half hearted green is always bad news.

8. Not At All the Same

L'Oreal has a tough time with their pastels! Why would her hair get so dark and so violet from the light purple grey of the box. But we've said it before, the box is full of lies.

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