8 Habits You Need To Break Right Now For Long And Healthy Nails

8 Habits You Need To Break Right Now For Long And Healthy Nails

Nails always chipping, cracking, or you just can't get a smooth coat of polish on to save your life? There are ways to fix it!

The trouble is, we all tend to make a lot of mistakes with our nails and then wonder why our manicures aren't banging.

Here's a list of things to stop doing now to have the diva nails you've always wanted.

1. Stop Filing Your Nails Every Which Way!

Filing your nails in different directions might get the job done faster, but it's really terrible for your nails. You need to be gentle. Always file in one direction and take your time, so you get the shape you want and don't end up over filing.

2. Stop Forgetting the Buff

All lot of people forget to buff their nails before they start their polish, but it's a key step. Buffing removes natural oil build up on the nails. If you don't clean that off, it leaves a residue that makes a smooth polish very difficult.

3. Stop Skipping the Base and Top Coat

Sure, you've probably heard this many times, but that's because it's true. The base coat protects the nail and keeps it healthy and the top coat keeps the manicure in place. Forgetting either one will result in nails that are destined to chip or peel.

4. Stop Treating Glitter Like Other Polish

Glitter is great but it's always a complete pain to get it off. But they make a base coat specifically for glitter now! Sally Hansen has a peelable base, so after your glitter days are done, you just peel it off and start again!

5. Stop Forgetting Your Cuticles

Your cuticles need love. They need to be moisturized AND exfoliated. We'll put lotion all over our body, except our nails. The cuticles and nail beds need the moisture to stay healthy. And getting rid of the dead skin around your nails will make your manicures so much better. Get yourself a cuticle oil and something like this Cuticle Remover and your nails will thank you.

6. Stop Giving Up When You Have a Smudge

You just finished your nails, when you get a text and in two seconds your nails are smudge city. You don't have to start all over! There's now a smudge fix that corrects those little problems in about 20 seconds.

7. Stop Rushing Your Coats

If you don't wait long enough between coats, you're going to wind up with a messy manicure. You'll get bubbles, smudges, or just too much polish to make the nails look nice. So, take your time, have some tea between coats, and get some great nails.

8. Stop Peeling Your Gels!

Don't peel your gels off! Don't!! Don't do it! Okay, that might be a bit harsh, but it's so bad for your nails. If you can't get to a nail salon to have them take it off, look for a polish remover soaking tutorial, or just wait. Unless you love super busted nail beds, never peel the gels.

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