England's New Dating Show Features Full Frontal Nudity To Find Love - NSFW

England's New Dating Show Features Full Frontal Nudity To Find Love - NSFW
Channel 4 and the Edge

England always seems like it's way classier than us. From their accents, to their love of tea. Even their baby Prince looks like royalty when hanging out in his PJ's.

PS, he's shaking Obama's hand in this picture, NBD.

But Britain has it's seedy side, too. 

America is usually thought of as the king of crazy reality shows and scandalous dating programs (remember Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?). Now, England might take the cake for trashiest dating show of all time.

Naked Attraction is a dating show for single people to find love. While they're completely naked. Yeah. Oh and this post will now get a little NSFW.

It's not such a scandal just cause they're naked. It's how they get naked.

 It all starts with one girl choosing from six guys standing anonymous plastic booths.

Then, the girl has to eliminate contestants one at a time based on a body part. We're not talking about arms and legs here. The very first body part to get revealed is their penis!

Yep. She gets to see six dudes only from the waist down and eliminate one based on their junk alone. And the contestant isn't the only one to see the whole package, the audience does, too. The show airs in prime time but shows complete, full frontal nudity. Though lots of the clips and pictures are censored, you can see the uncut (pun intended) version in all it's glory on Youtube.

After the girl eliminates guys based on their wang, abs, face, and voice, it's down to two guys and now she gets naked. Again, we see it all.

This show isn't just for girls finding guys. The show will also feature a dude looking for ladies and he also see them vag first. Naked Attraction has embraced differing sexuality with one contestant picking from men and women and a number of same sex couples. No matter their preference, they all saw birthday suits galore.

Critics have mostly hated the show or called it shameful and they've received viewer complaints about the ample nudity. It's not often that the Telegraph has to have headlines like "Viewers complain about repeated genital close-ups in Channel 4's Naked Attraction dating show."

But ratings were sky high. Of course they were! If you hear a girl is gonna judge a bunch of strange dudes based on their wangs, you're going to watch that. And it's already been renewed for a second season.

Britain, we salute you! You've managed to be trashier than we could ever imagine. That takes balls.

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