Lisa Bonet & Jason Momoa Share Rare Images Of Their Beautiful Family

Lisa Bonet & Jason Momoa Share Rare Images Of Their Beautiful Family
prideofgypsies via Instagram

For such a power couple, Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa like to keep their family life private. Despite being busy with the upcoming blockbuster Aquaman, Momoa and Bonet opened up their home to the Carhatt clothing company to make a short film.

Canvas of My Life focuses on Jason Momoa and his dedication to his family. “I always wanted to be a father, but never in my life did I ever think I would be an actor," said the star.

The actor discusses his upbringing in a small town, where hard work and dedication were of the highest importance. His passion for adventure and physical activity brought his life strength and balance, but it all came to focus when he met Lisa Bonet.

“I fell stupid, crazy, madly in love with her,” he reminisces. “My wife gave me three beautiful, feral kids...With them, my dreams finally came true; I’m a father, I found my place, my home.”

Now, with his huge success in the acting world, he often has to be away from the family he so dearly loves. Though the gypsy, always moving lifestyle used to fuel him, it now brings a bit of heartbreak.

But Jason tries to go back to his hard working roots to teach his kids a lesson when he's away from home. “If I can teach them hard work, dedication, integrity, a moral code… every time my children play, they can feel that their papa is always with them.”

The film isn't just to showcase the surprisingly sweet family life of a star actor. It's still an advertisement and the end makes that clear, but it's still a lovely glimpse into Jason Momoa's world.

When you only hear about rocky celebrity relationships and families falling apart, it's easy to get sad about the state of American families, especially in the lives of the famous. But to see such a sweet, truly loving unit that emphasizes hard work and the importance of family, is a great reminder of how many wonderful people there are in the world.

So, though the film is really just a long commercial, it's so nice to see a bit of good news in the world and a celebrity family that's doing right.

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