Christian Louboutin Dropped An Eye Makeup Line As Gorgeous As His Shoes

Christian Louboutin Dropped An Eye Makeup Line As Gorgeous As His Shoes
Christian Louboutin via Vogue

Christian Louboutin is the king of gorgeous shoes. Even if you aren't a shoe girl, you still wish you had a spare $700 lying around to get a pair of red lined pumps.

Since lots of us don't have the cash to fund our Louboutin dreams, luckily there's a much less expensive way to get that Louboutin look. 

Christian is releasing a line of eye makeup that looks absolutely amazing! From glossy, liquid liners to colorful mascara, you will want this high end makeup in your life ASAP.

Have you ever had makeup where you wanted to keep the empty containers and show them off as art? Well, Louboutin is changing that. Honestly, I'd happily buy the bedazzled stiletto heel without knowing what kind of makeup was inside.

The collection contains a glossy finish liquid eyeliner. They go on incredibly smooth and opaque, you can feel yourself becoming glamour with every swipe of the brush. The liner comes in three colors: black, cobalt blue, and signature Louboutin red. 

I'm super excited about the red, since it's such a unique shade. Don't worry about it making your eyes look bloodshot, the red is dark enough to avoid bringing out the veins in your eyes, but still bright enough to provide an unexpected pop of color. 

For more amazing shades, check out his line of velvet eye definers. These soft pencils will work for waterlines or a smoky look. Louboutin gives the classic colors, black, peacock blue, auburn, plum, and canary yellow. Yes, bright, bright yellow that looks shockingly cool.

It's a bold look, but I'm totally into it.

Don't worry, Louboutin didn't forget about the brows. The smooth brow definer pencils gives good coverage without making your brows look overly drawn on. Plus, it has the handy wand to tame and unruly brow hairs.

To round out the collection, there's an excellent mascara that comes in a beautiful golden tomb. You have your choice of two shades, black and burgundy. 

If you've never tried a colorful mascara, don't be afraid. The hue is subtle and really brings out the color of your eyes. Burgundy would look amazing with green or hazel eyes or would be a great choice for anyone looking to switch up their lash routine.

The makeup ranges from $40-$75. Though that's certainly not cheap, it's a lot less than a pair of his shoes. Getting some of that signature Louboutin red for $75 is kind of a steal.

The new makeup line joins previous Louboutin collections of lipstick and nail polish, so now you can wear Louboutin head to toe and feel 100% amazing.

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