People Are Questioning Why Tyga's Child Has A Grill

People Are Questioning Why Tyga's Child Has A Grill

Would you give a 4-year-old a grill?

Honestly, we probably wouldn't give a child of any age a grill, but people are legitimately questioning Tyga's parenting skills after he posted his son King Cairo's new blinged out teeth on Instagram.

First of all, King Cairo is adorable. Tyga's got one cute kid right there and he seems real excited to show off his new accessory. 

Secondly, how are that kid's teeth so perfect? Look at them. Perfectly straight and perfectly white. King Cairo is 4 and his smile is immaculate. I'm jealous.

Anyway, doing something to King Cairo's perfect teeth is one concern many commenters had. Generally, grills can be bad for teeth, mainly because they're hard to clean. But most dentists say if you're very thorough with your brushing and flossing, grills won't ruin your smile.

The idea that Tyga's fans were worried about his son's teeth sounds a little reasonable. As reasonable as a bunch of strangers telling you how to raise your kid can be. But of course, people had way more to say and a lot more shade to throw.

One commenter said, "Don't turn him into you or his mother. The kid deserves much better... he's gold." 

Okay. Finding a way to throw Blac Chyna under the bus for no reason, such a classic internet move. How rude!

But, one fan left a super well-written remark to get back at all the haters and "holier than thou" parents flooding Tyga's comments: "Is it immoral, illegal or life threatening??? Let's not pretend we didn't put gum foil on our teeth or buy the teeth at the quarter machine." So true! 

Though I might not rush out to buy toddler grills, I'm also not going to tell another person how to raise their kids. I definitely wore my moms high heels and smeared makeup all over my face as a little kid, but now if someone posted a pic of that, people would be all over my mom for letting her kid dress like a "skank." People are too quick to judge, especially when kids and parents are just playing around.

So, if you think it's weird that Tyga's kid is rocking more bling than you, fine. But if Tyga's not doing any harm to King Cairo, just let them be. 

Plus, Tyga already got his kid a matching car, so King Cairo's doing just fine.

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