This Pickle Themed Restaurant Is The Answer To All Of Our Prayers

This Pickle Themed Restaurant Is The Answer To All Of Our Prayers
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Can I get my pickles with extra pickles and a side of pickles, please? Thanks.

If that's your dream order, there's a new restaurant coming that will make you lose your mind.

The Pickle Guys, owners of a kosher shop in New York City are opening up a real restaurant to satiate all your pickle needs. This isn't some out of a jar crap, either. These guys know how to make real deal legit pickles. 

So far, you'll have to get over to New York to try it out, though if people love pickles as much as we do, this place will become a sensation.

The space itself will be small, mostly for take out and delivery orders. But there will be a stool or two if you'd like to spend your day in pickled goodness.

The menu has not yet been released, but there are some reports of what might be. Eater says that the basis of the menu will be fried pickles. They can stop right there cause a restaurant revolving around fried pickles is a dream we never even dared to dream.

They aren't stopping at pickled cucumbers. The store will have all kinds of pickled goods including okra, mushrooms, and tomato. All available fried. And every bit of it is kosher, in honor of the Jewish roots of the Lower East Side neighborhood.

It's amazing that ever so soon there'll be a place where you can just stop in, get as many fried pickles as you can handle, then go on your merry way. If this doesn't make fried pickle shops pop up all over the country, then there's something wrong with America.

The store already pickles lots of things, so you can expect even more adventurous vegetables to get the salty treatment in the future. It'll definitely be the only place you could get fried pickled mango, which is a pretty amazing idea.

Take a look at the store on 357 Grand St. in Manhattan if you're in the area. The shop portion of The Pickle Guys is already in a soft open, but the restaurant itself won't be ready till March or April of this year. 

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