A Makeup Artist Just Teased a Britney Spears Too Faced Makeup Collab And We're Hype!

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Too Faced has given us so much wonderful makeup over the years. I mean, look at this glitter palette.

Too Face Cosmetics/Instagram

Look at it! So much fun glitter!

Anyway, this isn't about that glitter palette, though once again it is perfection. Too Faced has teased an even more exciting makeup collaboration.

Makeup artist Jerrod Blandino posted this to Instagram:

Jerrod Blandino/Instagram

It's a sick, shimmering palette, but that's not even the exciting part. Jerrod commented, "I'm a slave for you #toofaced."

Excuse me? Does that mean there's some Too Faced Britney Spears makeup in our future? Because that sounds like a complete dream.

Think about it. Britney has had so many beautiful looks, a makeup collaboration with her could be endless. You could have a naughty but nice "Hit Me Baby" look, a super shiny red to match her jumpsuit in "Oops...I Did It Again," or a smeary, teary eye to go with the "Lucky" video. 

They're all good ideas, feel free to take them, Too Faced.

Now, we can't celebrate too early. Jerrod Blandino hasn't confirmed that he's working with Britney Spears or that the palette in the picture is part of a Britney collab. The palette itself could just be inspired by the many looks of Britney's career. Or maybe he's just hopeful that Britney might take a step over to the Too Faced team. It's also possible that he just really loves the song "Slave 4 U" and felt like posting about it. I mean, who doesn't love that song, we can't really blame him if that's the answer.

In the meantime, we'll just have to dream our little dreams of a Britney Spears makeup line and enjoy what else Too Faced has to offer.

Too Faced Cosmetics/Instagram

Like, there's this pretty, pretty highlighter that looks like a mix of diamonds and stars. That's amazing and I can imagine that Britney would approve.


Or this amazing collection of colors that pretty much paint my dreams.

So, I'll have enough makeup to keep me happy while I wait for this potential Britney Spears palette. But Too Faced, please, get on this Britney thing sooner than later. It's probably the best idea of all time.

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