Donald Trump Is Everyone's Creepy Uncle At This New Jersey Wedding

creepy Donald trump
Getty Images

As a bride, you want your big day to be perfect. You want your dream gown, a beautiful venue, and a surprise visit from the worst President of all time. Well, one girl got that, ahem, fairytale dream fulfilled when Trump crashed a wedding in New Jersey looking all sorts of creepy uncle.

Trump managed to take some time from his busy schedule of tweeting nonsense and going to Mar-A-Lago to take a vacation to his New Jersey resort the Trump National Golf Club. It's so rare for Trump to leave the White House, I'm sure no one expected him to take time to visit one of the many golf courses he owns.

One unsuspecting bride who planned her wedding at the Trump National Golf Club got the (un)pleasant surprise of Trump himself as a guest. TMZ reports Trump stopped to take some pictures with the bride and groom before continuing his own very important work of golfing on the American taxpayers dime.

Though it's a shame that the groom likely was subjected to a famous 10-minute Trump handshake, the happy couple shouldn't be too shocked. In the brochure for the National Golf Club, couples are warned, "If he (Trump) is on-site for your big day, he will likely stop in & congratulate the happy couple. He may take some photos with you, but we ask you and your guests to be respectful of his time and privacy."

Now, the bride looked very excited to get to have the American President at her wedding and we understand. Trump may be a despicable piece of garbage, but if he showed up at my wedding I'd probably just smile and take a picture and hope he gets distracted by news of his impeding investigation so he won't hang around for the cake cutting.

So, if you get married at any building with the Trump name, be warned! You may get a visit from the big man himself. You'll have to hear the words "tremendous" about a thousand times, but he will say that you had the best event with the greatest ratings of all time, so there's a slight upside. You can check out the photos here

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