What Were You Thinking?! Drake Unveils New Lame-Ass Tattoo

What Were You Thinking?! Drake Unveils New Lame-Ass Tattoo

Oh, Drake. We love you. We want to love everything you do, but sometimes you make it hard.

We got over the old dad dancing from the "Hotline Bling" video. Nicki Minaj even likes you again because you just made a completely baller record. 

But Drake. Why the new tattoos?

Now, tattoos in general are completely fine. Most of the time, they're amazing, actually. But Drake managed to get one of the lamest tattoos we've seen in a long, long time.


Yep, that's a big old bottle of Drakkar Noir tattooed on Drake's skin for all time. 

If you're not familiar with Drakkar Noir, probably because you're not an old man, it's a very pungent cologne that is not known for its coolness. It was real big in the '80s, but like crimped hair, teal eyeshadow, and gigantic shoulder pads, it went out of style But, Drake loves it! 

Drake truly has committed himself to this look because it's almost a pure black tattoo. That means it would be super hard to remove and difficult to cover up with another tat if his love for '80s cologne ever wanes. He could get just a black hole or a Darth Vader mask or something if he really wanted a coverup, but it wouldn't be easy.

This isn't the only ink on Drake. A bit ago he got a lovely hibiscus flower on his shoulder.


Now, this is totally cute. A nice delicate design and we appreciate a man who's strong enough to wear a pink flower without shame. The only lameness here is that he based the tattoo on an emoji. Not the beauty of the real world, or a visit to a wonderful botanical garden, but Drake saw a flower emoji he liked and said, "I need that on my body forever." Still, though the inspiration might be strange, the end result is some ink.

We shouldn't be too mad at Drake for his lame tattoos. Drake's mix of coolness and lameness are what make him so great. Keep going with your weird tattoos, sir. Just make sure the Drakkar Noir one isn't scratch and sniff.

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