Terry Crews & Conan O'Brien Play ‘Battlefield 1’ & Bond With Bunnies In A Hilarious 'Clueless Gamer' Segment

Terry Crews & Conan O'Brien Play ‘Battlefield 1’ & Bond With Bunnies In A Hilarious 'Clueless Gamer' Segment
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Conan O'Brien hates video games. But Terry Crews found a game that even the red-headed comedian could love.

In his recurring segment, Clueless Gamer, Conan tries out some of the more popular games of the day and usually finds a way to get killed immediately, get bored by the story, or use gameplay as an excuse to oggle female characters.

Even when playing the super popular OverwatchConan mostly fixated on the characters shiny butts.

This time, Conan invited Terry Crews to play Battlefield 1, the game based in World War I and known for it's historical accuracy. 

The first person shooter gets the players into the action immediately and for once Conan is onboard from the word go. 

The game play is intense, with graphic detail and total immersion into the trenches of World War I. You see the flaming wreckage of the Zeppelins and die in slow motion as an explosion takes out your camp. Each time your character dies, your birth and death dates appear solemnly on the screen.  “This is like a Pac-Man, where, after you eat the dot, they tell you when the dot is born,” said Conan.

Though the gameplay is fantastic, it's dark. Even Terry Crews' unstoppable positivity takes a hit after playing with the horrors of war. "We're all gonna die, man. We're all gonna die," said Terry after Conan's character was beaten to death with a shovel.

To take a break from the intensity, Terry and Conan played with bunnies. Real, live adorable bunnies. Terry Crews playing with tiny, fluffy rabbits should be a video game of it's own.

But they jumped right back into action, with Terry enthusiastically urging Conan to take out a Zeppelin and screaming "Die!" with glee as he took out the enemy. "This is me at Starbucks," Crews said. "Give me my LATTE!"

Despite the dark subject matter, Battlefield 1 totally won Conan over, the first game he's wholeheartedly endorsed in the history of Clueless Gamer.

If you're intrigued, Battlefield 1 is the 15th game in the Battlefield series. Each game takes place in a completely different setting and all have a focus on first person action and attention to detail.

Battlefield 1 is already a monster hit but it's accessibility to gamers and non-gamers alike means it's popularity will only increase with time.

If anyone could make Conan have fun and get totally lost in a video game, it's Terry Crews. Now, if only the next Battlefield could include a couple of bunny characters, it would truly be a perfect game.

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