The Genius Trick Starbucks Has Been Playing On Us For Years

The Genius Trick Starbucks Has Been Playing On Us For Years
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No matter how original or ordinary your name is, you've definitely had it butchered by Starbucks at least once in your life. Why would someone name their kid Flane?

But Super Deluxe has a theory that all those misspellings might not be accidental after all.

The video claims that Starbucks has been messing up names intentionally to get more publicity.

Think about it. How many times have you seen a friend Instagram their Starbucks name disaster? And every time you like that photo, you're giving more and more attention to that green mermaid icon.

Viral marketing is all any advertising company tries to achieve nowadays and these name mistakes give Starbucks an unlimited amount of totally free publicity. Cause even if your friends are making fun of Starbucks, they're still reminding you that Starbucks it the number one place everybody goes for coffee.

Super Deluxe isn't just going on a hunch here. They did an experiment having a girl named Molly go into 5 different Starbucks. Since Molly is a pretty common name with only one prominent spelling, it seems impossible that the coffee chain would mess it up.

But, at 4 out of 5 Starbucks, Molly's name was misspelled. One barista even wrote "Mommy" on the cup, which is disturbing in a number of ways.

Super Deluxe claims that they must be misspelling names on purpose to get more of that sweet, sweet free advertising.

It's still very possible that most baristas are just too busy to get your name right and with the hurry and noise of the store, most names come out wrong. Or maybe they just love screwing with people. Or maybe making coffee all day gets old, so they have a little fun where they can.

No matter which option is true, we have all been giving Starbucks free advertising for years, without even knowing it!  The Seattle coffee chain must be happy with that amount of attention and probably wouldn't do anything to dissuade baristas from making a name error or two.

So, next time they write "Shat" or make unintelligible scribbles on your cup, give a second thought before making your Instagram a Starbucks sponsored site.

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